Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Activities Spotlight: Event Horizon Variety Show

What does a quintessential small town like Waseca need? Some Variety!! And we've got that coming up in spades with the Event Horizon Variety Show, this Saturday, August 24th, from 7-8pm. If you need something fun and a little different to spice up your Saturday evening, join us for some *eclectic entertainment.* 

WAC wants you to shrug off the idea that art centers can be boring and stuffy with a night of rampant, all-out talent and entertainment. One night, two hosts, this Variety Show will have music, skits, comedy, spoken word, and trivia. 

And best of all, it's FREE. 

Our hosts, Esther Marcella and Michelle Roche, are variety show veterans. Esther, speaking from personal experience, is a fantastic phone interviewee. But more than that, Esther hosted the Spice of Life Variety Show for 9 ½ years. Co-host Michelle Roche is another southern MN actress and comedian. Michelle previously worked on “Play with Your Food,” a show where fine dining and comedy meet. 

On the subject of variety, Esther says  “The Spice of life show was basically a spoken word artist, a comedian, a dance number, and a musician. And I would do skits in between the different co-hosts. I always tell people, ‘if you don’t like the show, wait five minutes’ because of there's always something different.” During Event Horizon, Esther will also be performing skits from her one-woman show, “Suffering for Nothing.” 

And it will be an evening full of talented performances from the likes of Slam Poet Jennifer Brunick, who released a poetry Cd with Esther entitled "Immaculate Hickey." Also performing is Jayden Luikens, an actor and vocalist from Savage, MN. His acting credits include Herr Schultz from Sondheim's Cabaret and Kent from Shakespeare's King Lear. In his free time, he enjoys being a craft artisan and singing in barbershop choruses. You can find some of his art in his virtual workshop: https://www.facebook.com/FoamArmory/

In addition to this performance, there will also be trivia interludes so audience members can expect a true sampling of entertainment. Tips are appreciated and mature audiences are encouraged. Please join us for an evening full of talent and entertainment this Saturday.

We hope to see you there!

Stay WACky,
The Staff 

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